Due to her more than 20 years of experience in various settings and roles (nurse, manager, and staff member) within the non-profit sector, Maitrivirya was motivated to develop models to integrate ethics into the workplace.

She calls it "the small ethics". She noticed that when it comes to ethics, there is much talk about big dilemmas but that moral and right action is hardly addressed on a daily basis in the workplace.

Yet, moral stress is one of the main causes of burnout and dropout in work situations. Ethically responsible behavior among colleagues and towards clients, customers, and care recipients is the BASIS for well-being and joy at work.

She found in her husband a partner to shape and make effective helping services to the industries. The need for these services was also evident from various studies conducted at the request of White Ravens Consulting by Artevelde University College Ghent.

Maitrivirya is passionate about ethics from her Buddhist practice and wants to help organizations further in this topic. This is not a fancy topic; this is NECESSARY, especially with the challenges our society faces.

In her daily life, Maitrivirya is married to Geert and a (step)mother of five beautiful children, and together with Geert, she also manages Upaya Vihara, a retreat center for people who want to take a break.

Geert Willems Founder White Ravens Consulting BV

Geert, has about 30 years of experience in a variety of industrial sectors (telecommunication, life science, food, software development, information security...) and works globally embedded in vast differentiated cultures. He guides, supports, and advises companies on knowledge management and system implementations. More information about these activities can be found on .

He also recognized the primordial importance of the need for Ethical Conduct in the workplace as a fundamental requirement for a healthy work environment. Through his extensive work experience and after having executed different market studies, resulting in the clear and present need for these services, he joined forces with Maitrivirya to help organisations resolving ethical issues and setting-up related work environments.

Ethics plays an important role within White Ravens Consulting, it is one of the three core values:

Seriously Ethical

Playfully Different

Openly Authentic

Together with his wife, Maitrivirya, Geert takes care of his five wonderful (step)children, he is the founder of White Ravens Consulting BV, and he manages Upaya Vihara, a place for people who want to take a break, where he also guides people who wants to investigate the possibilities of new directions in life and coaching people recovering from burnout, boreout.

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